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Monday, July 30, 2018

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Introductions for today!

Ready to make 2018 a year of positive transformation and accelerate your ability to manifest your life goals? Then come join us! Come and learn how to create your life goals with passion and grace.

If you feel the push to move forward and embrace your life force in a big way, come and learn from the Akashic Master Teachers. Bring your expectations and allow miracles to be shared with you.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Grief the spiritual teacher

Are you ready to heal and create a healthy and joy filled life? Join me today and help create a portal for healing. Share in a sacred circle of light and understanding. Our  focus this month is understanding the powerful lessons of Grief, the Spiritual teacher. How each of us can expand our heart vibration, chose our thoughts, and release personal demons. 

Share in short guided visualizations and feel relief during this month of fiery energy. It is hard to miss the disruption in your personal energetic field. Coming together we heal exponentially, creating a portal for others to follow. 
Be supported as you let go of multiple layers of grief and embrace your soul vibration.

Learn more about my classes now. 

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sacred Sharing love and light healing

Are you in need of inspiration? Come and join in our sacred circle of light. Discover tools to help transform your life and support the creation of health and vitality. Be inspired to share your best while igniting your passion to create a loving, joyful life. 

Here is the link for Tools for Transformation. Enter EQJ7ZKLV to receive 20% off 

Find my classes at Learn more about me at Share your love with the world and flow with abundance.

Watch this video and share in the healing light and love. So much light and love came through. Thank you to all who share in this vibration and contribute to our sacred circle. I share my blessings of light and love with you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Help Me, I have Forgotten how to Connect to God

Do you want to strengthen your own unique connection to God? God is the name we have given to the source of All That Is, the Universal Source, the Great White Spirit or the higher intelligence within the Universe. Whatever your name for this vibration is, if you want to build a stronger connection to this light, you will learn  simple ways to help you do that on this episode of Mastermind with Maggie. 

We will discuss ways you may have been shut down in your connection to the brilliance of your soul. Then share simple tools to help you reestablish your connection. We will also share ways you can strengthen your vibration and learn how to work in partnership with the Divine to create a life you love. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

What Can I Do? This Is Out Of My Control!

Do you have times when you feel your life has been hijacked? Your life is not being controlled by you. Life does not reflect what you want to experience. It is out of control, and you are out of options! 

Most of us do experience times like this in life. Yet even when you feel other people have the power to make all your decisions, you do have choices available to you. In this podcast we explore some of these situations together and discuss simple steps to help you feel in control again. I share potential next steps you can take right now to help you regain your full knowledge you are in control of your life. 

What is the main problem that keeps you from feeling you have lost control in the creation of your life?  Be open to Masterminding and discovering hidden potentials and possibilities. Working together, we will come up with simple steps to help you stay on your path of creating life with ease, and joy. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Horse Ghost story

Animals have always played an important part within my life. I love to interact with them and I know there are times they want my attention usually to share information with their person (or as we think owner). My journey with animals took an unusual turn one day when I was asked by a client if I would or could do a clearing on the stable where she housed her horses. 
She told me it was haunted. Many people throughout the years had been aware of and scared by ghosts within the main meeting area of the arena and there were many other areas that had ghost energy also. They had verified 3 primary ghosts, one woman and two men plus she said there was a ghost horse. 
I was very intrigued and of course agreed right away. This sounded like an adventure to me. I wanted to see ghosts. In the past I had cleared out negative energy in homes when the residents thought of their places as haunted.  Sometimes the people were excited by having their own ghosts and other times such as in the horse stable and arena they were very disturbed by the images and energy. In this case the horses were disturbed by the ghosts also and that did bother me. 

So I went to the estate and met my client. On my way I went straight on the road at an intersection where I should have turned right. I saw a horse image on the road with me and realized I did not turn when I should have. I followed the horse and it led me to the right road. 
When I arrived my client had another woman with her and they went with me to the meeting area above the arena so I could clear the space. They wanted to show me the ghosts but needed each other for support. Earlier on my way to the stables I had talked to my guides and angels and shared with them that I wanted to see these apparitions before they were sent into the light. So I looked around and I was very excited when I did see a change in the energy in the corner. The two ladies verified the corner was where they also saw the ghosts. I went over to the area very excited this energy disturbance was considered a ghost. I visualized the light coming and clearing out the energy and watched until the disturbance was gone and the energy looked clear.  
I was successful clearing the energy from the main meeting room. I then did the arena and the stables where the horses watched. When I was doing the clearing and sending the disturbed energy to the light, I did see the shape of a horse but it did not want to go into the light. 
It was then I realized the horse wasn’t a ghost but a spirit energy that guides and protects the horses located within the estate. The horse spirit thanked me for the clearing and blessings. I understood it was the same horse spirit that lead me to the estate when I took the wrong way at the intersection. I thanked the horse spirit for helping me stay on the right road and get to my appointment.
When I was finally finished I heard in my head that the clearing would only be effective until the next entity came in with someone. So I was asked by the angels to bless the space which I did with their help. After, I tuned into the energy of the entire estate and saw that the arena and stables had been sold many times within the past several years and were not being used for events as they had been. The arena wanted to be used again for events and was very certain the blessing would help bring it back to life. The estate thanked me for coming and sharing my light and blessings. 
Now this was really something new to me. The estate thanking me. Yet I did have the sense that was true. 

After the clearing and the blessing on the estate, my client introduced me to her newest horse. She asked me if I could pick up anything about him. He hadn’t been eating very well and he seems sluggish. I tuned in and I told her he was asking where the border collie is and waiting for a woman with blond hair. He didn’t seem to know where he was. She stilled and told me that his owner had died suddenly a few weeks ago and she had blond hair. She also shared his late owner had him stabled in another place where there was a border collie that played with him. I helped the horse understand his late owner was no longer alive and he had a new owner now. His late owner came to say good-bye and the spirit horse helped him understand what was happening. He did share with me his new owner had been very nice but he thought he was just waiting for his person to come back from a trip. My client was very happy to learn this information about her new horse and decided she would check into whether she could bring dogs to the stable or find out what kind of companion she could allow her horse to have. 
It was a most enlightening day for me. I learned I was able to clear and bless haunted spaces. I wasn’t afraid of dark energy. But most important horses have their own angelic guides. I had always believed horses and all animals do have angelic guidance but to see a horse spirit and have an estate thank me for clearing out the energy and blessing the space those were truly magical events that I will always remember. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

That which does not kill us

That which does not kill us

Well, I thought my inner Pollyanna had finally met her match. My husband has had a series of physical and medical issues lately and I have been responsible for helping him out around the house and with the snow shoveling so he did not lift anything that weighted more than 15 pounds for about two months now. This meant that I would need to do any shoveling of our beloved stairs going up to our house or the large driveway we have so we could drive our cars. Now on a normal year this would be daunting but this year decided to be a challenging year for all of us. A year for us to face our fears head on and determine if we were going to stay victorious or we were going to run for cover, ducking our heads under the blankets until the scary darkness left and sunshine returned. At least that is how it felt to me. 

I have had numerous years that have challenged me. Numerous opportunities to face my fears and stay victorious and I was feeling very much up for the challenge. Almost daring the darkness to come into my space because I would vanquish it with my beautiful energy of light, love and compassion. 

However this year the fates did not play fairly. They took my strong, protector of a man and gave him his own fears to face. The primary one being your strong body is growing weaker as you age and you need to slow down. Period. Or more will rain down upon your head until you surrender to our will. At least it felt that way to him. 

So I found myself needing to strengthen my own inner resolve to stay in the light of hope and optimism that the best days of life are always in front of you while the darker energies were licking at my heals daring me to join them in their anger and despair. 

It almost happened today. I woke up within a dream state to find myself in a situation from my very early years where I was experiencing panic, despair, desperation that I would not make it within the world any longer I wanted to leave this Earth and return home. I know many of you have these thoughts. I help counsel people and work with them to uncover the dark memories, see them in the light and allow that light to vanquish them forever and restore them to a whole and healthy mind, returning their body to a state of healthy balance. 

So how could I find myself within this lucid dream state in that very moment I had conquered years before feeling the same state of panic and despair I felt at 5 when the event first took place? 

It was going to be another opportunity to face that energy, that vibration and once again claim my space and energy for the light vibration of empowerment, hopefulness and vanquish the inner shadows once again. I was able to pull myself out of that energy through my focused connection to the light and vibration of my higher wisdom. Reestablishing again my “where am I now” and breathing in the healing breath of life. 

However this wasn’t just my anguish I was feeling. My husband woke up in one of his darker gloomy powerless moods too. He was feeling depressed and full of despair having had dreams of his past too. This then was my clue. This feeling of anguish and despair was not just mine. Not just within my energy and my vibration space. It had permeated our home. Our bedroom. So I sent my column of light out into the room and then surrounded my husband, my bedroom, my home with the energy and vibration of light, love and compassion. And something subtle started to take place. Not all at once. Not in some miraculous this will vanquish the light right now kind of way, no. But it did start to take affect. We were able to talk about our dreams. Our feelings. Our fears. Then just as I was feeling empowered and ready to tackle the day Gary pointed out that it had snowed again last night and was still lightly snowing. Not the dusting the weatherman said we would have but a new layer of snow about 5 inches around our home. So my new found shadow of having to shovel and make our home ready for people to come visit and work with me was present too. 

I was plunged into a feeling of why me? Which I am ashamed to admit stayed the entire time I was eating breakfast and then for a bit while I was shoveling the stairs. But something was happening within me. I did not give up nor did I give in. I stayed with my work of clearing a path to our house. I helped my husband blow the snow from our driveway. I scrapped the snow off of his car. We worked together silently as a team and accomplished our goal of snow removal more efficiently than we had in the past. I was able to see the clouds roll out and the sunshine appear. It was pretty, light and lovely seeing the freshly fallen snow surround our house and then it hit me. I had been surrounding our house, our home with light. Lots of light. For many hours yesterday as I felt some oppressive energy around me, during the night as I was in my lucid dream of despair and powerlessness and again in the early morning when I realized my husband was feeling the despair and powerlessness. 

I had been mentally and vibrationally surrounding myself, my husband, our home with light and love. And Mother Earth did her part to share the beauty and wonder of a white, lovely fluffy newly fallen snow cover. 

It immediately brightened my mood and allowed me to feel that my co creation of light and love was made manifest by this pretty and brilliant snow cover. And as I went into the house feeling once again victorious I heard my grandmother’s voice, “Maggie, that which does not kill us makes us stronger!” Thanks, Toni. I needed that :) 

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Serenity by Maggie Chula

As I work to put together the information I want to share within my new classes I have been reminded time and again to remember the Serenity Prayer.

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I can not change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And the wisdom to know the difference.

This prayer is a mantra playing over and over again in my head. My understanding is there is so much going on in my current life and on my mind as I work towards my current goal of building a loving and nurturing place where all students of the mystery school of life can come and be supported as we build our connection to the Divine Wisdom of our Higher Self that hanging on to any perceived guilt or regret of past actions is a luxury I can no longer afford. 

It takes discipline to continually release thoughts and feelings of regret and guilt. Everyone has them. There isn't a human being on this Earth who is immune to the toxic energy of dwelling within these lower emotions at times. They come with the territory of being incarnated and it is my opinion that working to release them from our current mind and embrace joy, love and gratitude is a primary lesson for us all which when realized and experienced in our daily journey of consciousness contributes to the new energy of flowing within the river of wellbeing. 

Wellbeing, joyousness, and love open up and activates compassion. These tools are available to all of us and are more easily and effortlessly a part of our daily life as we embrace gratitude and tune in to our Divine Wisdom. 

I have been blessed with the ability to inspire, motivate and teach others how to access this connection and stay conscious while living a heart centered and compassion filled life. I invite you to join me as I grow in this new path of the mystic teacher. As always my Angelic Guidance is with me helping to create inspiring courses. And they are with you too! 

No matter who you are drawn to as a teacher or spiritual mentor I sincerely hope you do stay on the path of expanding your conscious awareness of your Divine Nature and connection to all of Life. I guarantee you will feel uplifted and supported as you learn how to easily and effortlessly release the veil of separateness and build your connection to your own Divine Wisdom. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Release Work

Release Work  by Maggie Chula

We are experiencing a wonderful time of change, regeneration and rebirth. The Earth is shifting into a new vibrational alignment with the power planets within our solar system. The human species is shifting into a new dimension of understanding about who we are and what our purpose is within this beautiful expansive universe. 

While all this wonderful energy and shifting is taking place we are each being called to release our fears, doubts and limiting thoughts to make way for a new expansive understanding on how we are all connected and aligned together as a species and with our Soul Being. 

The question comes up, how do you release limiting beliefs and fears easily and effortlessly if you haven’t been able to do this before? Why should you be able to do this now just because the date is somehow a combination of ....what? This doesn’t make sense!!! 

The answer is, no it doesn’t make logical sense and it isn’t meant to. This is a time to let go of ego and logic and allow yourself to merge with your higher wisdom or soulbeing. 

How do you do that? Here is a process that has worked for me and many other people I have known and counseled over the years. I offer this to you now in the hope it will be of help to you too. 

A process for releasing limiting beliefs and fears: 

  1. Make yourself comfortable and take a couple of deep centering breaths. 
  2. Have the intention that you are asking for clear understanding about yourself and who you are. 
  3. Focus on an issue or belief that makes you feel insecure, less important than other people or afraid.
  4. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling in the moment. Let that feeling be with you. 
  5. Ask yourself why do I allow this issue or belief to stay with me? What do I need to know or understand about this? Why haven’t I let this go? 
  6. Be open to whatever you receive no matter how illogical. Write it down. Look at it from all angles. Let your mind open up and share what it believes to be true. 

The answers you will get hold some keys to health and wellness. Your keys to finally releasing that habit or belief. The answers might not make sense. In fact if they don’t seem logical then congratulations you are making progress. For if our limiting beliefs made logical sense we could easily replace and change them out for ones that are in alignment with our highest good. 

In most cases these limiting beliefs were shared with us when we were children by well meaning adults to keep us safe or we picked them up on our own. They were then stored in our subconscious so our gatekeeper or subconscious would remember them and share them with us so we would remain safe. However now that you are older reexamining this belief or fear and feeling the emotions involved help you to realize you are not that person anymore. You do not have the same level of need to be safe within the world and it is time to let the limiting beliefs go so you can move forward. 

If you get the sense of clarity you are seeking, use your imagination to see this belief leaving your energy field. Leaving your mind. Ask for help and understanding to keep your mind open so you can feel a sense of relief each time the old issue or trigger is sparked within you. 

If you are unable to do this on your own there are any number of wonderful healing practitioners who are around and ready to be with you and support you as you examine your thoughts and beliefs to help you see more clearly the thoughts your mind has stored deep within your subconscious. Asking for help and wanting help as you examine your past hurts or fears is healthy and normal. Take the time to find someone you feel comfortable talking with. Someone you feel support and compassion from. 

The first step you must take alone. The step of wanting to free yourself from your limiting thoughts and beliefs. The remaining steps can be done with the help from the angelic realm or the human realm or both. Have faith that you are not alone and even if you chose to work on your issues alone you have angelic guidance. If you ask for the angels to help they will help you. 

Believe in the power of your higher wisdom and higher guidance. You can do this!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Create a place for wellness each and every day.

This has been an amazing year of change and growth. As we come to the holiday season for 2012 and embrace this wonderful time of year it is also a good time to reflect back on personal changes so we can understand how far we have come. Sometimes the main voice in our head only shares how far we still want to go and we do not allow ourselves to take a moment and feel the beautiful sense of accomplishment for everything we got done. Doing this might be as simple as taking the time each day to tune in and connect to our higher wisdom and guidance. Or taking the time each day to be grateful for all the abundance within the world around us. Whatever you do or however you stop for a moment every day to be present within your life, you are giving yourself the gift of being still, silent and okay with the life you are creating. 

Taking a silent moment to tune in to your higher wisdom, or still your mind enough to be present and happy with where you are now is very healing. It helps you break that endless chatter of “I need to do..., I should have done...., how will I do ....” All that information that floods our mind each and every day and doesn’t contribute to our well being or our ability to accomplish our goals.

Each and every day is a new beginning. A new chance to create and learn and grow. No matter who you are or what you have already accomplished there is always something else to do or be or create. Learning how to be happy and joyful now is an art. It takes practice and has a value that can not be measured. Give yourself the gift of taking a few minutes every day and breathing in the amazing healing energy from the Universe. With each breath feel centered, grounded and a part of the Source of all that is.

At night if you are finding it hard to power down and get enough sleep this visualization will help you. 

Take some deep breaths and connect up to the understanding that you are breathing in the wonderful energy of the Universe. Thank the Source of all that is for everything that is positive in your life. Be grateful also for your health, your family, your work. Allow yourself to breath out and let go of any worries or concerns. Use your mind to help you see, feel or know that the divine angelic beings who are with you always will take your worries and keep a safe watch over everything that bothers or concerns you. Allow yourself to let go of your concerns knowing the angels have them in their care. When you feel the angels are aware of your concerns and have them in their safe keeping, allow yourself to relax and breath. Then visualize a beautiful white light coming down from the Universe and breath that light into the top of your head. As the light touches your crown see your crown chakra able to relax and go into a state of rest. The chakra is open but relaxed, ready to power down the body’s energy but open to receive guidance through the dream state. Allow this beautiful healing light to slowly sink down and touch all your other energy centers and your body. Where ever and what ever the light touches will relax and let go. Allow yourself to let go of the feeling or need to control anything. Remember the angels are near by keeping their watch over you and your loved ones. Everything is as it should be. Everyone is safe and protected. And for now all you need or want to do is sleep. Then allow yourself to drift off into to blissful state of dreaming. Knowing when you wake up you will keep this level of safety, love and lightness within you as you go through your day. 

If you work with these images and these actions you will find yourself feeling better, being more confident and content within your life. So give yourself the present of being more present within your life. Stay within your connection to your higher wisdom and call on the angels each and every day to protect you and keep you and your loved ones safe. They will answer your prayers. Believe in them and you will feel their presence. 

With love, Maggie

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Heart Healing with Arch Angel Raphael

A few nights ago, when I went to bed, I prayed for a healing dream. I said," Mother, Father, God, Creator of all there is, I respectfully request a healing dream to help me release my fears and anxiety and restore my thoughts to the understanding that all is as it should be and I am aligning to the highest vibration for my current consciousness and higher wisdom. " 

I had several times when I woke up during the night just long enough to register what I had been dreaming about and each time it was saving someone, a group, healing on a  larger level of thought than my own. Then the hour before I had planned to get up I started having an intense pressure on my chest. I understood my heart energy was expanding and pulsating outward and my physical heart was releasing and purging. I was getting mildly concerned because I did feel it within my physical body and the pressure was like a giant rubber band squeezing my chest. I realized I was looking through the Emerald Mirror within my Akashic Temple and it showed me on the banks of a flowing current of green, just like a green river and Arch Angel Raphael was there and I sensed him sending me the impulse to go into the river and allow the River of Well Being to flow through me and expand and cleanse my heart energy.   I knew this was for my highest good and so I did as I was shown. My heart burst open and emptied out feelings, emotions and anxiety. Like ribbons of energy being released from my heart, my core. Being replaced with a pink of the lightest vibration imaginable and then I was absorbed within a golden beam of energy  and I knew the healing and vibrational attunement was complete. I woke up with a wonderful feeling that everything will be okay. 

I wanted to share this dream with others since it also included a physical healing within my body. It is possible. You can heal your body. Through my work within the Akashic Vibration I am continually learning new ways to do this. I hope you allow yourself time to learn how to help your body as well as your mind heal on a quantum level. 

I am in awe and amazed that this level of healing and understanding is being shared with me as I co create and teach the ever expanding and  evolving course we call the Akashic Vibration Process, Open the Doorway to Your Soul. 

To learn more about my classes and my services please go to or I would love to share my processes with you. I hope we do that soon :)

With love and respeect,  Maggie

Monday, September 3, 2012

Working withiin the Akashic Vibration

I teach a course I call the Akashic Vibration Process. This course has been shared with me by the Arch Angels, Masters and Guides located within the Akashic Vibration. They are multi dimensional beings just as we all are. The time has come though to truly open up on a conscious level to our multi dimensional selves. My classes on the Akashic Vibration and the many tools and levels within this vibration is very visual and I use a series of channeled guided visualizations within the class to help my students feel, sense and know this wonderful, loving vibration. While the Akashic Records are a part of the course they are not the only tools shared with us. We also learn how to use the Hall of Records, the Flame of Transmutation, the Emerald Mirror or Looking Glass, and many other wonderful tools as well as helping you meet your own Counsel of Light Beings. 

I have spent the past two years focused on this process. I have taken hundreds of people through the initiation and a select group even further. The reason I was selective about the additional courses is that as I went through it with them I was also a student learning how to be a Master teacher and heal my many layers and levels. I feel complete for the most part on that and my body, mind and soul reflect that healing. 

So now it is time for the latest incarnation of my Akashic Vibration Process, the Akashic Vibration Webinar. Yes, I am taking this directly to the web. I need to reach as many people as possible for this next collection of classes so the ones who are drawn to work with me will be in a clear vibration of alignment by December 2012. For as Metatron has shared, “as we each individually grow our consciousness connection and awareness of our multi dimensional being we grow the group consciousness for beings incarnated within the planet Earth”. He deliberately used the term being to include the animals, crystals, and all living energy within the Earth herself. 

I can promise you, your experience with the Records, the Guides and Masters will be different than mine but I guarantee you will feel the same level of remembering for we are all Beings of Light and our Light is Recorded within the Akasha. 

Please join me as this information is shared with all of us in a manner that allows each and every one of us to open up to our own higher wisdom and guidance. To learn more about the Akashic Vibration webinar or the Akashic Vibration Process please go to my website
It is my intention to have the classes recorded and made available for purchase but I highly recommend you consider joining me and the other light beings drawn to this work so our energy can be used synergistically to help in the expansion and growth that is unfolding each and every day.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So you want to host a radio show?

Yes indeed I am embracing all my fears and doubts and moving my life forward. I have taken the very liberating (although scary) step of doing a weekly radio show with my new business buddy Avianna. We share a passion to help expand the human conscious connection and understanding of who we are as spiritual beings growing in a physical life. 

As I said in my last blog article Goddess energy is on the rise, once I made the conscious decision to share my passion and spread the work of the Akashic Vibration Process in any and all ways possible, this amazing opportunity opened up. How does a person turn away from something like that when their soul purpose is to share the work of the beautiful beings that dwell within the Akasha? I really felt this was a good sign and one I was prepared to take. So, as of this Friday, August 10th, 2012 Soul Essence will make its debut on the new Om Radio Network on NewSkyRadio. To learn more I have put information on my website

Avianna and I want this to be a show that will offer uplifting and inspirational  tools and techniques to help our listeners with the issues and concerns they have as they grow in their understanding of their Soul Essence. We are both working, full-time professional psychics and part of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics Network however we have also both been a part of the Corporate American work world for many years. Our background in both spiritual and mainstream work has helped us learn ways we use to stay healthy, focused and grounded in these energetically chaotic times. We will share our own process and development along with techniques, tips and knowledge. As we grow and learn how to do a weekly radio show that is available worldwide we intend to also bring in guests that can augment and expand on our own knowledge and work. We also plan to provide time to answer questions that you have about your issues and concerns learning how to stay focused, healthy and grounded as you live and grow expanding your own conscious connection to your Soul Essence. 

So please join us and help us grow in our new roles as spiritual minded radio hosts.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Goddess energy is on the rise! 7/29/12

Today I made the most amazing progress in the understanding of the creation of the course Akashic Vibration Process. The last time I took the  founding group of women into the Akashic Vibration our class was Access the Goddess Within. It was our sixth journey to the Akasha together and the first one without the male energy of our founding partners. My life has not been the same since that class was channeled 17 days ago. My fellow sisters of the light helped me on the start of my journey to finally release the memories and feelings of fear I have felt being seen in the light as the channel and co creator of the Akashic Vibration Process. This work and the attention it deserves has always scared me. It kicks up memories from this lifetime when I was 9 and my life shattered in a heartbeat. The heartbeat was my mother’s and it stopped beating due to actions of others. The affect was like a personal nuclear bomb went off. The life and lives of all who were impacted by this event has had a reverberating effect on many of us who are still incarnated within this Earthly plane of existence. To be clear, I am saying I had not made the final choice or commitment to go public in the manner the Arch Angels and Ascended Master within the Akasha were encouraging me to go. 
Then the calming and wonderful Goddess energy flowed all around me that day. The earthly goddess channels who made up my fellow students and the spiritual goddess energy of all those wonderful feminine Beings shown a light into my solar plexus chakra and in a blink of an eye transmuted the dark crystal which was in my solar plexus working on healing and protecting my fragile human Being into a pure and vibrant quartz crystal. 

I came home and performed a sacred contract and healing ritual between my human self and my higher wisdom that opened up the most incredible opportunity to be heard and step into the light using the technology of our times. I extended an offer of partnership to a beautiful soul and we set off to share this new wave of opportunity and expansion together. 
I am now feeling more centered, grounded and focused than I have felt in years, maybe since that horrid day when my mother’s life blinked out. While I am grateful and joyful to have this opportunity to be a teacher and channel for the Akashic Vibration I extend this heartfelt thanks to the beautiful women and men who have opened their hearts and offered me a safe place to express my feelings, thoughts and channeled wisdom. You have made all the difference in this world to me and to the healing that has taken place within my heart and soul and I will be forever grateful. 


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Creating a new office space for clients

Well my transition is in progress and I am now working from home. It has been an interesting few months as I have processed this decision. Part of me was reluctant to be so tied to one place but part of me understood I could control my environment better within my own home. In my case though my husband is retired and at home also. So we are working on our joined interest in the home and how we will use and share our space. 
Gary and I are fortunate with our home. He has lived on this land and in this home for 27 years. Our lawn, gardens and trees are very much his pride and joy and a beautiful reflection of his artistic nature. I am blessed to have a wonderful view outside my office window and even more blessed to have two areas within our home for office use. 
My primary power center is where the desktop, printer, files and two desks are. That room is great for organization and focus. The window is one floor above ground and looks out onto the trees. 

The area I have recently repurposed is now our garden level office and client space. I have my beautiful table to work on, an extra large window that looks out onto our patio and backyard and two doors. And that is where the issues start to come in. The two doors located within the garden level office work space. 
Our patio back door is difficult to get to because of the lovely bushes and trees Gary planted through the years. The door into the home from the garage requires the garage door is open and there isn’t any bell since the bell is by the front door which is a floor up. To get to the front door you need to climb some winding stairs. It isn’t difficult for most people but in the winter the steps can be icy. I prefer people to come in one of the downstair doors because this is the most direct route to the office/client space and also so they do not need to climb the stairs to the front door. 
So we are working on rearranging things, moving them around to get the most comfortable balance for all of us (including our two beautiful cats). I am happy my macbook and I can travel downstairs and work in the garden level office so I can see all the changes mother nature goes through each season :) Fitting with my birthday being so near the summer solstice that summer would be my first season working here. 

My home is open and ready although not perfect and I am learning how to be okay with that. My energy is flowing and balanced.  My guides and Angels are ready to help me interpret and heal the energy and issues that people are experiencing. All I need now are people who are ready to allow themselves to be supported as they grow and learn how to connect to their higher wisdom and interpret the guidance being shared with them on a daily basis. Life is good :)


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What new and exciting things can I create today?
Maggie Chula
May 23, 2012

I have recently made the decision that the best way for me to support my business and my home is to merge the two and once again work out of my home. This time will be slightly different. I am much more comfortable working from home than I was a couple of years ago and I am embracing the opportunity to take sessions outside if my client or students would like to and it is a nice day. 
It has taken me many years to continually stay within the understanding that everything I need to be successful is within me and available to me always. As I embrace this concept and work within the dynamics of building that conscious awareness within my life I am finding more freedom to express myself within my writing. I have branched out from the blog and for the third month in a row have successfully submitted an article for publishing to Om Times. A link to my articles and my blog is located within my primary website. The page is titled Maggie’s Writing. 
The past few months I have also made some important changes within my online presence. I was unhappy with my website provider and so I changed where I created and housed my website. While doing that I decided to expand out and use the various domains I had purchased to create separate websites instead of having them all point to one. But being in a creative bent and not thinking of logical flow....I expanded out in the direction that met my purpose at the time and find I now need to focus and redesign the flow of the websites as well as the physical move of the office space. 
So my real question would be why does this surprise me? After all this time knowing myself and my guides and realizing my changes happen throughout many layers and levels at once I should have expected this but I did not. So this newsletter or blog is to share with you that I am in a bit of a transition at least as far as dealing with the public is concerned (office space, home office, websites...) but my readings, sessions, and classes have moved to a higher level as well and I am still available to schedule private sessions, parties or small groups. My classes will be starting up again in September with a couple of lighter ones available this summer. 
I sincerely hope you join me and open up to the understanding that your life is flowing in the direction of your thoughts and desires so when you experience some things that seem to take you by surprise become present to what is happening and what part of the moment is unexpected within your life.
Let’s open up and have fun with this. Life is too short to waste it on what could have been. Instead join me in bringing your current focus to “what new and exciting things can I create today”? 
Your guides, angels and masters will enjoy the creation process with you and you will expand your ability to know you are right where you are meant to be and life is a wonderful, blessed experience. Being in the vibration of knowing, accepting and expecting that statement to be true will help you maintain your vibration so you will be better able to hear, sense and know the higher wisdom and guidance that belongs just to you :)
If you need help achieving the vibration of joyous loving appreciation for you life give me a call. I am very good at helping people get to that level of vibration. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Embrace new possibilities.
This year has been an amazing year of learning new ways of expressing myself and sharing my understanding about how we are creating our lives and the opportunities that are coming to us. I have had so many unexpected changes I started to worry about what I was creating. Then I remembered to relax and take the time to really understand what was occurring. I am learning to go to my temple in the Akashic vibration and work with the tools there for healing, understanding and integrating the many changes and lessons of this truly magical time. And so I am always returning to the magic and wonder of my own mind. I have never seen or felt things the way most of the people around me seem to. 

It used to bother me quite a bit and at times I did believe I was either scary or crazy or psychotic. However through all the years and challenges I was always surrounded by the most loving and compassionate energy that I realized if my family and friends could not feel this it might be because they are not as connected to their emotions. Instead of the reality the adults would have me believe which was there was something wrong and dangerous about me. I now do know I am quite sane and it is insane to believe we are alone in this universe. That there are only human beings existing on planet Earth. An amazing fairy tale most of us have all bought into. A true Grimm's fairy tale too because it includes many dark and dangerous creatures who do look like us and do embody human forms. Yet if these people would tune into the wonder and light I sense every day of my life would they chose the lower vibrations of death, fear, limitations and lack?

I no longer care or choose to live life like a normal person. I am choosing to live with light, love and joy each and every day. I am choosing to embrace possibilities and release doubt, fear, limits and loss. How can I ever lose at life when I am an infinite being with infinite potential and possibilities?  I can only lose the opportunities that present themselves to me that I chose to not follow or participate in. So I will continue  to move ever onward and draw the light to me at all times.

With love and light I wish you great joy and unlimited abundance which in truth is our Divine right. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What now my love?

Do you know that lyric, “what now my love, now that it’s over. I feel the world closing in on me.” Well, in many ways life is ending. Not in the way that we are going to need the cans of food and bottles of water people were hoarding at the turn of the century or as I refer to it, the last time people started talking about the end of days. No, this is an end of our being able to delude ourselves that our actions do not have an effect on those around us. The end of our being able to be the “victim of life”. I know I wrote about turning from “victim to victorious” a couple of months ago but this is a time when once is not enough. This is a time when we need to hear, understand and acknowledge our part in the play that is taking place on Earth. 
For too long the shadow energy of oppression has been allowed to take over and control the majority of the energy that surrounds this planet. How is that happening? Because we have been as a collective group running away from life and responsibility in record numbers. The thought that “I don’t need to stand up to that injustice because someone will stand up for the needy (and thankfully that isn’t me)” is very quickly falling away into a horror in our collective understanding of what sitting on the sidelines and just letting this rain of terror happen to others has done to our financial systems, our educational systems and our medical systems. There are others but those appear to be the big three. 
The time has come to stand up for what we know is right. What we know we want for ourselves and what we have always thought, dreamed or hoped would be the outcome eventually, someday, maybe when the energy shifts. 
Does any of this resinate with you? I am not proud to admit I have also stood on the sidelines quietly praying, sending loving energy and envisioning a peaceful and loving world. But today as I wanted to just write about my work with the Akasha my higher guidance has shared with me that I am a visionary. I have always been one and that is why I was so good as an information systems project manager. I could and can envision the end result of what will happen when you bring changes to a very complex and intertwined organization. Give me a business issue and I can help you develop a clear beneficial outcome that will address the issues surrounding your organization, the change that is needed to support the project and create a plan that will lay out the tasks needed to get there.
And now my guides want me to share with you a new path to creating a new world. 
I have been seeing too many of us pushing against what we do not want. We do not want the majority of our family, children and friends to be over medicated so they do not feel anything. The United States isn’t quite to the point where China is with the large industrial complexes of slaves they have working day and night but it is to a point that we are medicated and docile so we sit on the side lines and do not even try to help bring in the change we all know is needed. 
Seriously who really does think our culture (and I am talking specifically to those of us in the United States now) is healthy and vibrant? Fully utilizing the wonderful people of our country in a way that allows all of us to live a nice, healthy, safe and rewarding life? And yet we have the opportunities, the resources and the human capability to create such a world. 
Most of the illness and lack that exists in our country today could be completely eliminated if we as a collective group (United States citizens) would take back our power of choice, take on our responsibility to ourselves and each other and stop medicating ourselves into a stupor.
The clear path to change (and it is here already so pay attention) is to become more consciously aware of your own energy. How do you use it? What do you resist and push against? What are you holding onto that keeps you from moving forward? Where is your passion? What can you do to become more passionately involved with the life you are living right now? If you see something that troubles you or worse horrifies you can you stop that image from running in your head, visualize a peaceful and loving outcome and also take steps to insure you do not add energy to the action of enslavement and oppression but instead add energy to helping those who are less fortunate or are tired from being on the front lines while the world around them doesn’t seem to care. Send loving and light energy to the ones who are abused, scared or tortured. It does not matter if we are viewing a person or an animal or a collective group such as women without personal power in an oppressed land. I am told that everyone of us who focuses on what we want, what we would like to see happen within our own life does contribute to the healing and change of that situation or event. 
Whether a healing is needed on a physical level, a mental or emotional level the energy knows where to go and the Universe does have a plan. Angels are all around us. Both incarnated and living here on Earth and as heavenly spirits working with us on an energy level. Believe that. Take comfort in that. See yourself reaching out and getting recharged by the Universal energy of light and love. Visualize, imagine or feel the energy surrounding you, your loved ones, the situation you are pushing against. Stay within that protective loving energy until you feel a sense of done, complete. Then take a moment to be grateful for all you have. Grateful to be able to share your light and love with others which will help solidify your vision, image or thoughts so that they can germinate and manifest into our physical world and vibration. Know that you are needed. Your thoughts are as important as anyones. So if you are feeling lost, stuck or overwhelmed by the day and what is expected of you take the time to recharge your own energy and then you can go out into the world again as a facilitator of change, ambassador of light and love. Aligned with your heart and your mind and in alignment with your highest guidance. 
Be the light and change you wish to see in the world. That has always been a good motto and will remain the right direction for all eternity.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Springtime Awakenings

Last week was the first day of Spring in my corner of the world and we have been having very nice, warm weather. The temperatures have been way above the normal range and that has me concerned. I do not usually dwell on my concerns I would rather focus on health, healing and staying well. So looking at this from a cleaner perspective I needed to refocus on how nice it is to hear the birds singing and calling out to each other. How wonderful it was to go for a walk in the woods and see butterflies. Yet in the back of my thoughts was the troubling knowledge that this was near the end of March and I live in Wisconsin. This type of nature activities, such as leaves forming on the trees, lilac buds on the bushes is not a part of what I expect for this time of year. 
I know I can relax and enjoy this. I have the ability to tune into the energy of the forest and really feel the excitement and anticipation of the life around me. Yet something stays lurking within my mind that this could be harmful for my friends the butterflies, trees, tulips, Robins. What happens if the babies come early and we do go back towards our normal temperatures of cold, snow and ice? What happens then?
I am aware these questions start to reflect my boundaries of what is normal and natural for this time of year. It is tough to let them go. Yet if we look at this as a metaphor for how to control our thoughts and behaviors to create health the lesson is there. 
Something wonderful is happening. The weather is beautiful. Something troubling is happening. I am unable to relax and enjoy this. Although, in the past couple of days the weather has turned more normal and is still quite a bit above average yet I am more comfortable now. Hum...what just happened in my mind. I am more comfortable because the weather isn’t 40 degrees above normal it is more like 15. Something I can relax and enjoy. Maybe the animals will be okay. Maybe we don’t have to have an end of March snow storm. That would be nice. But my point is now that I am more comfortable with the temperature degree difference I can relax. 
Does this somehow relate to my expansion process as a spiritual counselor and energy healer? 
Well, I have been challenging myself to go outside my area of comfort and grow my business online. I am a people person. I love people. I love to be with them, to listen to their issues and concerns and to help them feel more in control. Working online I do not get out to meet as many people and I work more with the phone and the person’s voice instead of the physical presence of the person sitting with me in my office. In January when I started with Best American Psychics I was uncomfortable at first receiving phone calls with short messages, not much interaction or dialog and great expectations of my ability to tune into a voice with almost no other feedback for clarification of what I was tuning into. It was tough. I was uncomfortable but I knew I had worked as an psychic most of my life (even if I did keep that information from myself for a long time) and I have many, many years of really fantastic feedback to help me feel comfortable that the promptings, voices and visions in my head were somehow connecting up to answers or empowering guidance for the person who wanted my help. So, plunging head long into working as a phone psychic to help augment my income I took the risk and joined up with BAP. Just as I was beginning to feel comfortable they joined with Om Times. So I plunged ahead and signed up for that too! 
Now tonight I am facing another challenge. I have always wanted to be on the radio and be able to give free readings and messages to people. Tonight I will get that wish fulfilled. I am not hosting the show a good friend and colleague with BAP, Leigh Cohen Wyatt is the host but she is graciously sharing this hour with me and another friend and colleague Jeanne Crescenzo. I am happy because I get a chance to learn the ropes of a live radio show with friends and I can let down and be relaxed knowing there are three of us sharing this wonderful opportunity. 
So that is what I have realized this past month. I love new challenges and experiences but I get tense and nervous without a baseline of understanding about what is happening in my world. So with the weather being so outside of normal but beginning to swing more into a warmer than usually but not too outrageous temperature swing, I can be relaxed and enjoy some time outside in March wearing sandals :) With some quality time as a phone psychic receiving nice feedback from new clients I am able now to relax and enjoy being online. Now onto finding my comfort on the radio giving out free readings. 
I hope you too are allowing this fantastic expansion energy to help you grow and change into a new sense of who you are. Remember the only thing you can count on is change so figure out how you can be more comfortable with the process and allow yourself the opportunity to grow in your own awareness of how wonderful your life truly can be. What dreams do you have that you would like to bring into your life? Join me and together we can manifest them Now.